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Chicago's April Racing Events

The Shamrock Shuffle 8K, taking place on April 3, is promoted as the race that kicks off Chicago's spring running season. It sure does! As April progresses, each weekend brings an increasing number of events.

April has so many great runs with fun, interesting themes that I could easily say a little something about each one. I will, however, stick to a few that especially attracted my attention. The Chicago Lakefront 50K on April 9 is an excellent run if you have completed marathons in the past and are looking for a slightly longer run (31.1 miles compared to the marathon's 26.2 miles).

Another event that caught my eye is the Ravenswood Run on the 24th. For $10, runners and non-runners alike can enjoy a post-race pancake breakfast, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting the Ravenswood Community Services Food Pantry. What is exciting is that each $10 pancake breakfast buys 100 pounds of food for the food pantry! Finally, if you don't want to walk or run in an event, the A…