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Free Museums, Art Exhibitions, and More (Part Three)

Yes, Chicago has even more to offer!

In my first article, I focused on the museums that have 2015 Illinois Resident Discount Days.  My second article highlighted some of Chicago’s places that always have free admission.  Now I will shine the spotlight on places that offer free admission periodically throughout the year (usually weekly or monthly).

These Places Offer Free Admission Periodically Throughout the Year

Art Institute of Chicago, 111 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago
From Monday, January 5, through Tuesday, February 10, museum admission is free to Illinois residents every weekday–all day.

General admission is free to Illinois residents every Thursday (closed on Thanksgiving) from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Charnley-Persky House Museum, 1365 North Astor Street, Chicago
Tours are free on Wednesdays at 12 noon and are approximately 60 minutes.  Tours are limited to 15 people on a first-come, first-served basis (arrive early!).

Chicago Children’s Museum, Navy Pier, 700 East Grand Avenue, Chicago

Free Museums, Art Exhibitions, and More (Part Two)

I have always considered Chicago to be a great place with a lot to offer both visitors and residents.  As a visitor, I went to the travel websites, ordered copies of brochures, and went to the main museums and tourist destinations in the city.  Since I’ve been living here, I have started to explore the neighborhoods beyond the downtown area.  However, my exploration to date did not prepare me for all the new places I discovered while researching this three-part series.  In my first article, I focused on the museums that have 2015 Illinois Resident Discount Days.  I now turn to places that always have free admission.  Some of the places do have a suggested donation, which I have noted.

A few questions to consider when viewing each website:

What is this place all about?  What is their mission or specific focus?
What kinds of events, activities, and services do they offer?
Is everything free or is there a charge for some events or exhibits?
What months, days, and hours are they open?
What are …

Free Museums, Art Exhibitions, and More (Part One)

I love visiting museums, art exhibitions, conservatories, zoos, libraries . . . you get the idea.  However, I have to admit that I enjoy my culture in small bites.  I love to stop in and check out an art exhibition that just opened, view a new section in a museum, or see what the zoo's red pandas are doing.  These types of visits could quickly become expensive.  My solution is to plan my visits for days when admission is free.

Chicago’s world-class museums recently announced their 2015 Illinois Resident Discount Days.  Illinois residents receive free basic or general admission and discounts on upgraded tickets.  This is a great way to save!  For example, a family of four with two adults and two children will save $58 ($18 per adult and $11 per child age 3-11) on basic admission to the Museum of Science and Industry.  I’m updating my calendar with the dates today and starting to plan this year’s visits.  What a great way to start 2015!

2015 Illinois Resident Discount Days

Adler Planet…