Consulates General and Honorary Consulates

Chicago is home to more than 70 consulates general and honorary consulates!

As a visitor or resident abroad, your country's consulate general is where to go when you need assistance. Please be aware that some consulates general are open limited hours or require an appointment, so be sure to review this information on the consulate general's website or call before visiting the consulate general's physical location. Also, due to building security, visitors may need to be registered to be granted access to upper floors.

Honorary consular officers perform consular services on a part-time basis and usually have full-time employment in addition to part-time consular duties. For that reason, many of the honorary consulate addresses will be the officer's full-time employer or the officer's home. Please call or email to make an appointment before going to the addresses listed.

It is also important to note that the services an honorary consular officer provides are limited compared to services provided by full-time consular officers working at a consulate general.

For more information and interactive maps, please visit the Consulates General and Honorary Consulates pages.

Heritage Festivals

Izmir Olgunlasma Fashion Institute models modeling clothing during the Chicago Turkish Festival Fashion Show at Daley Plaza in Chicago, Illinois

Celebrate your own heritage or learn about another culture! You can look forward to experiencing traditional food, music, dance, and more.

For upcoming events, please visit the Heritage Festivals page.