Honorary Consulates

Chicago is home to more than 20 honorary consulates and nearly 50 consulates general!

Honorary consular officers perform consular services on a part-time basis and usually have full-time employment in addition to part-time consular duties. For that reason, many of the honorary consulate addresses listed below will be the officer's full-time employer or the officer's home. Please call or email to make an appointment before going to the addresses listed below.

It is also important to note that the services an honorary consular officer provides are limited compared to services provided by full-time consular officers working at a consulate general.

For more information, check out the websites and the interactive map below.

Austrian Honorary Consulate, Honorary Consul Reinhold F. Krammer, 203 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2500, Chicago, IL 60601 (Masuda Funai office); Phone: 312.752.3000; Email: krammer@austrianconsulchicago.com

Honorary Consulate of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Honorary Consul Michael C. Fountain, 980 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1416, Chicago, IL 60611; Phone: 312.214.7677; Email: consul@bahamaschicago.com

Honorary Consulate of Bangladesh, Honorary Consul Monir A. Choudhury, 5230 North Leclaire Avenue, Chicago, IL 60630; Phone: 773.443.8647

Honorary Consulate of Barbados, Honorary Consul André Richardson King, 6033 North Sheridan Road, Apartment 26D, Chicago, IL 60660; Phone: 773.769.1926; Email: arkdesign@sbcglobal.net

Honorary Consulate of Belgium, Honorary Consul Paul M. Van Halteren, 1713 West Beach Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622; Phone: 773.342.6884, 917.597.3410 (emergency); Email: paul@consubel-chicago.org

Honorary Consulate General of Comoros, Honorary Consul General Charif Hachim, 2923 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618; Phone: 312.493.2357; Email: info@comorosconsulatechicago.org

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus, Honorary Consul Michael C. Dovellos, 22 West Washington Street, Suite 1500, Chicago, IL 60602; Phone: 312.618.2013; Email: chicago@honconsulatecyprus.net

Estonian Honorary Consulate, Honorary Consul Eric Harkna and Honorary Vice Consul Siim Sööt, Aon Center, 200 East Randolph Street, Suite 38, Chicago, IL 60601; Phone: 312.552.6022; Email: chicago@mfa.ee

Honorary Consulate General of Ethiopia, Honorary Consul General Befekadu Terefe Retta, 5041 North Kenmore Avenue, Apartment A, Chicago, IL 60640; Phone: 773.681.4925

Honorary Consulate of Finland, Honorary Consul Olavi J. Göös, 2246 West Homer Street, Chicago, IL 60647; Phone: 773.946.8525; Email: olavigoos@yahoo.com

Honorary Consulate of Grenada, Honorary Consul Alvin J. Schonfeld, 438 West Saint James Place, Chicago, IL 60614; Phone: 773.472.2810

Honorary Consulate of Iceland, Honorary Vice Consul Einar Steinsson, 625 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2225, Chicago, IL 60611 (Karen Zupko & Associates, Inc. office); Phone: 312.642.5616; Email: Esteinsson@karenzupko.com

Honorary Consulate of Jamaica, Honorary Consul Lloyd L. Hyde, 4655 South Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Suite 201, Chicago, IL 60653; Phone: 773.373.8988

Honorary Consulate of Latvia, Honorary Consul Robert A. Blumberg, 230 West Monroe Street, Suite 1125, Chicago, IL 60606 (Johnson, Blumberg, & Associates, LLC office); Phone: 312.541.9710

Honorary Consulate of Liechtenstein, Honorary Consul Paul F. Donahue, 2047 North Howe Street, Chicago, IL 60614; Phone: 312.266.6396

Honorary Consulate of Monaco, Acting Honorary Consul Claire A. Koeneman, 606 West Arlington Place, Chicago, IL 60614; Phone: 312.255.3033; Email: MonacoChicago@hkstrategies.com

Honorary Consulate of Mongolia, Honorary Consul William G. Pintas, 368 West Huron Street, Suite 100, Chicago, IL 60654 (Pintas & Mullins Law Firm office); Phone: 312.488.2000; Email: William@HCofMongolia.com

Honorary Consulate of Montenegro, Honorary Consul Edin Seferovic, 1440 North Lake Shore Drive, Apartment 3G, Chicago, IL 60610; Phone: 312.479.8419

Honorary Consulate General of Morocco, Honorary Consul General Marilyn R. Diamond and Honorary Consul Janet Murphy, 950 North Michigan Avenue, Apartment 5502, Chicago, IL 60611; Phone: 312.988.7021

Honorary Consulate General of Nepal, Honorary Consul General Marvin A. Brustin, 10 North Dearborn Street, Floor 7, Chicago, IL 60602; Phone: 312.263.1250

Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate General, Honorary Consul General Paul S. Anderson, 125 South Wacker Drive, Suite 1825, Chicago, IL 60606 (The Anderson Law Firm, LLC office); Phone: 312.377.5050; Email: psa@andersontradelaw.com

Honorary Consulate General of Palau, Honorary Consul General Trond U. Hegle, 230 East Ohio Street, Suite 705, Chicago, IL 60611

Honorary Consulate of Portugal, Honorary Consul Nelson de Castro, 10 South Wacker Drive, Floor 28, Chicago, IL 60606 (Wells Fargo office); Phone: 312.259.9408; Email: Consul@PortugalConsulateChicago.com

Honorary Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore, Honorary Consul General Newton Minow, 1 South Dearborn Street, Floor 24, Chicago, IL 60603 (Sidley office); Phone: 312.853.7555; Email: nminow@sidley.com

Honorary Consulate General of Sweden, Honorary Consul General Gerd Sjögren, 150 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1940, Chicago, IL 60601; Phone: 312.781.6262; Email: chicago@consulateofsweden.org

If you are aware of an honorary consulate in Chicago that has not been included on this page, please send the honorary consulate's information via DM using Twitter (@InspiredChicago).

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