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Get Reading With One Book, One Chicago!

Are you interested in reading the same book other Chicagoans are reading?  Chicago Public Library presents just such an opportunity with One Book, One Chicago.

When the program began in 2001, two books were selected annually with programming related to the book.  The program evolved in 2013 to focus on one book selection each year with related programming and to delve into the book’s central theme with additional programming.

The current selection is The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon.  Talks, film screenings, and other programming focus on the book’s central theme:  Heroes:  Real & Imagined.  Events are scheduled through April 2015.

Are you unable to attend an event?  No problem!  There are many other opportunities available online.  Visit One Book, One Chicago to find discussion questions, further reading suggestions, and other fun activities.  Wondering what books were read in past years?  You'll find a list of previous selections and related discu…

Women Building Chicago

Do you want to learn more about Chicago’s history?  With Chicago as my new home, I definitely do.

Can you think of women that have influenced Chicago?  Bertha Palmer is one woman who comes to my mind immediately.  Many of the Chicago Architecture Foundation tours I have taken have mentioned Bertha Palmer and her work with the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

Surely, there are many women that have influenced Chicago’s history.  Can you think of any?  After attending a Women’s History Month lecture at Harold Washington Library Center on March 25, I learned about many intelligent, inspirational women that shaped Chicago.

Mary Ann Johnson, president of Chicago Area Women’s History Council (CAWHC), presented “A Paradise of Exceptional Women, Chicago Women Activists and Leaders 1790-2000.”  The first part of the presentation highlighted some of the women in the CAWHC’s Women Building Chicago 1790-1990:  A Biographical Dictionary.  The book contains biographies of 423 women that ma…

Story Week Festival of Writers

In a few months, I will celebrate two years of living in Chicago.  I continue to be amazed by and grateful for all that Chicago offers.  I love searching for and finding new events and opportunities, and then going out and taking part.Although I am not a writer looking to have a book published, when I read about the Story Week Festival of Writers I thought it sounded interesting and decided to check it out.  I was not disappointed!I attended "Making Books in the Midwest" by Naomi Huffman, Curbside Splendor managing editor.  From a layperson’s standpoint, this was an excellent introductory session to publishing.  Ms. Huffman presented information about several independent publishers, including location, publication focus, and books recently released or forthcoming.  She also provided a list of online indie literature resources.  Being an avid reader, I'll be using this information to discover new books to read!Attendees learned the following key factors to help writers be…