I moved to Chicago in 2013. I still feel the exhilaration I felt that day in October 2010 when, while in town for a visit, I decided I no longer wanted to just visit—I wanted to live in Chicago!

Even though I had visited Chicago many times, moving to Chicago required getting to know the city in a new way so I could make Chicago my home.

Each day is new and exciting as I continue to explore and learn. I love living in Chicago! I hope my experiences can help others get to know the city, or take a new look at the city. Chicago is an exciting, vibrant, and dynamic place to be!

I hope to:

  • Help newcomers become familiar with what Chicago has to offer.
  • Inspire longtime residents to take a fresh look at their city.
  • Encourage visitors to explore beyond the usual tourist attractions.

My husband and I are fans and supporters of all types of music and the arts in general. As you will see, there are amazing events (many that are free) and artists throughout the city. It is my pleasure to be able to highlight these events and people, and to attend many of the events and enjoy some incredible performances.